Wednesday, November 28, 2007

002. Using EnterpriseDB to Offload Reporting to Increase Performance and Save Money

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Is your OLTP application suffering because of all the reports that are being run? With the enormous amounts of data being captured today, analysis of the data is a fundamental requirement to remain agile and efficient. However, these reports are growing more complex every day and generating these reports puts an unprecedented burden on the application, slowing transaction throughput, reducing productivity, and potentially limiting sales.

Learn how EnterpriseDB Advanced Server is being used to offload reporting from production Oracle databases to increase productivity and performance, while saving companies millions of dollars.

Learn how to:

  • Offload reporting from Oracle to EnterpriseDB
  • Run Oracle Reports against EnterpriseDB Advanced Server
  • Leverage EnterpriseDB Advanced Server to negotiate a better deal with Oracle

Questions and requests for additional information will be addressed to help you with your installation.

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